The Transitional Housing Program helps homeless individuals or families by providing housing assistance combined with extensive case management and supportive services in areas such as employment, tuition, and health care assistance, as well as day care and transportation subsidies.

Referrals for the Transitional Housing Program must be made through one of the following agencies, so please contact them directly for additional information:

  • Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (through the Supportive Housing Unit and the Abused Persons' Program for families or through the Core Services Agency for persons with mental health disabilities).

  • Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (for referrals for permanent units for individuals with disabilities).

  • Baptist Home for Children and Families handles referrals for permanent family units for persons with disabilities.

Funding is provided by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Montgomery County, the Fannie Mae Foundation and the Baptist Home for Children and Families.